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Behavioral Health Association of Providers

Behavioral Health Association of Providers (BHAP) is a national trade membership association that provides education and advocacy for behavioral healthcare providers and related entities. We are the leading and unifying voice of addiction-focused treatment programs.

Who We Serve

  • Owners and operators of behavioral health providers, including addiction treatment programs, recovery residences and private practitioners.
  • Attorneys practicing in the behavioral healthcare industry.
  • Associates conducting business with provideres of behavioral health services.

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Membership provides confidence that providers are informed about compliance with changing legal regulations and industry best practices while reinforcing provider reputation within a network of ethical business practitioners.

Our members distinguish themselves from the competition: BHAP is unsurpassed in its knowledge of the law, regulations, compliance, and ethics. We closely monitor legislative activity and participates in lobbying lawmakers to act on behalf of the welfare of healthcare providers and patients, alerting our members of actional development in proposed laws.

Finally, our members enjoy a variety of discounts on educational opportunities, exclusive access to membership benefits such as health insurance, and discounts offered by a wide variety of vendors.

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Educational and certification opportunities build skills with higher-level learning designed for providers interested in ethical business practices and regulatory compliance, and informing prospective consumers of the dedication the provider exhibits toward honest business practices.

BHAP offers specialized higher-level education to help those in the industry thrive in an ever-changing business environment. We also offer highly specialized certificate programs (such as our Certificate in Addiction Treatment Marketing) so behavioral health providers can differentiate themselves as ethical and transparent providers.

Finally, we have an extensive list of other big events (conventions, symposiums, etc.) that are in the behavioral health and addiction treatment industry.

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Advocacy efforts encourage industry involvement and self-regulation by informing providers of legislative activity that will promote state and federal rules and regulations that benefit providers and those dealing with behavioral health concerns.

BHAP knows that behavioral health is different than other healthcare. However, health insurance companies and regulatory bodies often lump behavioral health services in with other healthcare services. BHAP is helping to distinguish behavioral healthcare by developing self-regulatory standards for the industry, lobbying lawmakers, and educating providers of the importance of self-regulation.

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A national membership association that provides education and advocacy for those in the behavioral health and addiction treatment industries.

We are the leading and unifying voice of addiction-focused treatment programs.

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