Advocacy Alert: California — Show your Support of Workforce Funding (AB 666)

June 10, 2021


Substance use disorders (SUDs) have long reached epidemic proportions.

In California alone, over 2 million Californians were diagnosed with SUD in just the past year. Yet only an estimated 20,000 counselors and 700 physicians maintain an addiction specialty in the state. It’s no wonder that only 1 in 10 individuals with a diagnosed SUD receive treatment.

The current SUD workforce is severely overextended and underfunded; it also lacks the diversity necessary to reflect the linguistic and cultural backgrounds of those suffering from SUD.

The SUD community deserves a workforce that can more adequately serve their needs and the SUD workforce deserves more support so they can better help those in need.

California AB 666 is a $9 million workforce bill that will address the underfunding and lack of diversity in the SUD workforce. The bill not only provides tuition assistance to students studying behavioral health, but it also waives fees and other expenses for those looking to work in the SUD field. This will add an estimated 1,000 certified behavioral health workers to California’s workforce.

Additionally, AB 666 will waive certification fees, pay for CCAPP Academy tuition, provide tuition reimbursement for college, and expand workforce diversity.

BHAP supports this bill and encourages those who operate in California to reach out to your representativeto show your support. Additionally, CCAPP has a way to automatically send your legislator a letter in support of AB 666. Let’s improve our SUD workforce today!

Questions? Concerns?

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A reminder that BHAP members get regular access to our advocate in Washington, DC. If you have any questions about BHAP’s advocacy efforts, please contact us.


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