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Compliance Consulting

Compliagent is a proud partner of the BHAP and a market leader in compliance services for the addiction treatment and recovery industry.

Compliagent's services include:
  • Applications for Licensure and Certification
  • Preparation for Onsite Evaluations
  • Remediation of State-Identified Deficiencies and Plans of Correction
  • Regulatory Guidance for Admissions and Patient Treatment Matters
  • Operational Compliance, Governance, and Staffing Concerns
  • Reimbursement and Payment Support
  • Marketing Compliance
  • HIPAA and Privacy Compliance
  • Staff Education and Training
  • Mandatory Documents and Forms


Compliagent offers discounted services for BHAP members (Mention Discount Code: AATA2017). For more information, please contact us at 310-996-8950 or via email at