Webinar: The Reimbursement Landscape for Autism-Related Treatment Providers

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In this webinar, Nelson Hardiman attorneys John Mills and Lisa Montague will discuss the current status—and likely growth over the next decade—of reimbursement for autism-related therapies, including but not limited to ongoing evolution of current fee-for-service treatments into a value-based model.

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Webinar: The Documentation of Medical Necessity: Why It Matters

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This fast-paced Continuing Education webinar about medical necessity and its legal and financial impact features Utilization Review expert Elizabeth Irias, LMFT, and specialized behavioral health attorney Nicholas Merkin, Esq. Beth and Nick will discuss what’s at stake when your company’s documentation of medical necessity is inadequate, and will review strategies about the efficient integration of Medical Necessity into clinical documentation. This dynamic webinar is a great and efficient opportunity for you to learn critical information to help you stay on track legally and improve your Utilization Review outcomes.

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Webinar: SUD Treatment Provider Boot Camp

  • SUD Treatment Provider Boot Camp: Complete Webinar Series
  • Where: The comfort of your computer screen

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The Complete Webinar Series – bundled for 10% discount

The BHAP SUD Treatment Provider Boot Camp is a unique opportunity for anyone thinking of opening an SUD treatment program or anyone operating an SUD treatment program that wants to improve the enterprise.

With tremendous changes in the behavioral health industry, there will continue to be opportunities to provide desperately needed treatment services to those suffering from substance use disorders, but the business models are changing rapidly. The traditional treatment models are finding it more difficult to survive as insurance payors and government payors repeatedly modify their reimbursement programs. Attracting patients has become more difficult as increased regulations have been imposed on marketing and compensation practices.

The professionals and attorneys at BHAP and Nelson Hardiman have carefully designed the curriculum of this Boot Camp to address these growing concerns in this workshop webinar series.

This Boot Camp is designed specifically to address the strategic, regulatory, operational, and marketing concerns associated with operating a substance use disorder treatment program in an ethical and prudent manner.

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