Webinar: Simultaneously Building a Strong Relationship with Commercial Insurance Payors and Differentiating Your Treatment Program: Infinity Behavioral IBCN Certificate of Compliance

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Getting reimbursements from commercial insurance companies can be challenging, especially in the current environment. The treatment provider needs every advantage to maximize reimbursement rates, be paid in a timely fashion, and reduce claim denials. This webinar will inform you about the Infinity Behavioral Healthcare IBCN certificate which is designed to help with all of these challenges.

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Webinar: How the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act Will Impact Your SUD Treatment Business

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This webinar will inform you on the most important parts of the new law as it pertains to SUD treatment providers and how the law will potentially impact profitability and treatment offerings. This includes Section 8122 which is aimed at eliminating kickbacks in the recovery industry by imposing criminal penalties, Section 3232 which requires a special registration for telemedicine services for patients that lack access to an in-person specialist, and Section 5052 which partially repeals the restrictions for “Institutions for Mental Disease” allowing Medicare/Medicaid providers more than 16 beds to treat mental health and SUDs.

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Webinar: SUD Treatment Provider Boot Camp

  • SUD Treatment Provider Boot Camp: Complete Webinar Series
  • Where: The comfort of your computer screen

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The Complete Webinar Series – bundled for 10% discount

The BHAP SUD Treatment Provider Boot Camp is a unique opportunity for anyone thinking of opening an SUD treatment program or anyone operating an SUD treatment program that wants to improve the enterprise.

With tremendous changes in the behavioral health industry, there will continue to be opportunities to provide desperately needed treatment services to those suffering from substance use disorders, but the business models are changing rapidly. The traditional treatment models are finding it more difficult to survive as insurance payors and government payors repeatedly modify their reimbursement programs. Attracting patients has become more difficult as increased regulations have been imposed on marketing and compensation practices.

The professionals and attorneys at BHAP and Nelson Hardiman have carefully designed the curriculum of this Boot Camp to address these growing concerns in this workshop webinar series.

This Boot Camp is designed specifically to address the strategic, regulatory, operational, and marketing concerns associated with operating a substance use disorder treatment program in an ethical and prudent manner.

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