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blueEHR is a cloud based, ONC Certified Integrated Care EHR solution focused on the mental and behavioral health market.

blueEHR provides a robust and client configurable solution that allows you to personalize the way you operate your EHR system –- manage client visits in a way that matches how you work, document quickly, and get back to the business of providing care.

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blueEHR has taken the time to listen to and work with healthcare providers and practice administrators to gain their insights into how to build a better system that meets their needs. Their goal is to ensure the usability, experience, features, and functionality of blueEHR are simple and intuitive and meets the needs of their clients, regardless of the size of practice or area of specialty.

blueEHR has become the system of choice for healthcare organizations seeking a cost-effective, flexible, highly functional, efficient, interoperable, and highly scalable healthcare information technology platform.

blueEHR supports one provider practices or many, providers who offer full telehealth services, in-person or a mix of both, blueEHR supports all.

Their offering is simple – they don’t reduce the product offering if you are a smaller practice, nor do they inflate implementation costs for larger organizations. They look forward to working with BHAP members to support their health IT needs.

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We are the leading and unifying voice of addiction-focused treatment programs.

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