Article XIV: Advertising and Marketing

  • Information disseminated by approved providers publicizing continuing education shall be true and not misleading and shall include the following:
    • The statement “Provider approved by BHAP, Provider Number _________ for _____ CEH’S.”
    • Provider’s policy on refunds in cases of non-attendance by the registrant.
    • A clear, concise description of the course content and objectives.
    • Provider name as officially on file with BHAP.
    • For the purpose of evaluating providers, the provider must send to BHAP a copy of the brochure(s) disseminated to the public.
  • E-blasts: Approved Providers may purchase E-blasts individually for $250.00 per E-blast. Providers may only purchase 3 E-blasts per calendar year with no exceptions.
    • If the provider has chosen to utilize e-blast services, BHAP will electronically send an email or flyer provided by the provider to BHAP.
    • BHAP requires at least 6-weeks advanced notice of materials to be sent in the e-blast.
    • BHAP retains the right to refuse dissemination of information to anyone at any time.
    • All material and information to be disseminated must be approved by the office prior to dissemination. Failure to make revisions based on the request of the office may result in denial of the e-blast and/or delay the dissemination of the e-blast.
    • The accuracy of BHAP e-blast mailing lists are only as accurate as the information provided by our members. Therefore, BHAP will not be responsible for e-mail returned, skipped or spammed by the respondent due to a bad e-mail address.
    • All e-blasts must have a “reply to” e-mail address for individuals to contact the provider directly. BHAP will not receive e-mails on behalf of the provider.
    • It is expressly agreed and understood that the advertisers and advertisements are independent from BHAP, BHAP Board of Directors or staff and acceptance of articles or advertisements does not constitute endorsement or liability by BHAP.


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