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Compliagent is your partner in designing, managing, and maintaining a healthy regulatory compliance and ethics infrastructure. Serving over two-hundred healthcare facilities, providers, and business associates, they proactively and cost-effectively mitigate compliance and ethics, data privacy, and data security risks, resulting in stronger organizations and improved long-term profitability.

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Compliagent's services include:

  • Applications for Licensure and Certification
  • Preparation for Onsite Evaluations
  • Remediation of State-Identified Deficiencies and Plans of Correction
  • Regulatory Guidance for Admissions and Patient Treatment Matters
  • Operational Compliance, Governance, and Staffing Concerns
  • Reimbursement and Payment Support
  • Marketing Compliance
  • HIPAA and Privacy Compliance
  • Staff Education and Training
  • Mandatory Documents and Forms

Compliagent offers discounted services for BHAP members.

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Webinar: Preparing to Sell Your Business: Compliance Issues That Will Affect Your Value

On June 10, 2020, Compliagent's CEO Nick Merkin presented a webinar on compliance issues to keep in mind if you plan on selling your business. This webinar is free of charge.

a man at a desk with laptop and notepad, 'Preparing to Sell Your Business: Compliance Issues That Will Affect Your Value'

Whether you're a buyer or seller of an addiction treatment organization, the effectiveness of your compliance infrastructure will be a major driver of the price of the transaction. Join us to learn more about some of the unique features of the behavioral health M&A world and how to approach some of the healthcare-specific focus areas that underlie these deals. Learn practical approaches to compliance elements that will drive value pre- and post-closing.


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Webinar: The Documentation of Medical Necessity: Why It Matters

On July 31, 2019, Compliagent's CEO Nick Merkin co-presented a webinar on medical necessity. You can purchase this webinar for $50 (BHAP members get 15% off.)

hand with a ball on top of it with a stethoscope in it; The Documentation of Medical Necessity: Why it Matters

This fast-paced webinar about medical necessity and its legal and financial impact discusses what’s at stake when your company’s documentation of medical necessity is inadequate, and reviews strategies about the efficient integration of Medical Necessity into clinical documentation. This dynamic webinar is a great and efficient opportunity for you to learn critical information to help you stay on track legally and improve your Utilization Review outcomes.



Webinar: SUD Treatment Provider Boot Camp - Operational Compliance Issues

Compliagent's CEO Nick Merkin was one of the presenters in our SUD Treatment Boot Camp webinar series. His webinar in this series is on operational compliance. You can purchase this webinar for $45 (BHAP members get 15% off.)

SUD Treatment Provider Boot Camp - Operational Compliance Issues

Any healthcare business is subject to a long list of standards, regulations and laws for which it must comply: substance use disorder treatment programs are included. The best practice to insure compliance is to develop policy and procedures that are incorporated into the daily operation of the treatment program. This webinar provides the necessary information and best practices for SUD treatment providers.



For more information on Compliagent or their services, please contact them either by calling 310-996-8950, emailing [email protected] or visiting their website.



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