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Counselor Magazine


Counselor is the magazine for addiction and behavioral health professionals. It’s a national peer-reviewed publication that blends the in-depth information often found in journals with the ease-of-read and style of a magazine.

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The magazine has a circulation of 40,000+ addiction treatment professionals, including:

  • physicians
  • psychologists
  • psychiatrists
  • counselors
  • criminal justice personnel
  • nurses
  • clinical supervisors
  • mental health counselors

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Professionals depend on Counselor to sharpen their clinical skills and fine-tune their critical thinking. Counselor provides the vital components necessary to enhance or create a successful practice and to improve the lives of clients whom clinicians serve. A proven and valuable resource for educational facilities —- Counselor serves as part of the curricula at many Midwestern and Northeastern colleges and universities.

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Counselor‘s reputation as the gold-standard in the addiction field has been earned by its editorial excellence. A distinguished editorial board of advisors ensures that its content is current, accurate, and relevant to readers’ needs. In-depth feature articles, how-to advice, news, and information columns have a positive impact on clinicians’ lives and the clients they serve. Counselor has a proven track record with readers as the go-to reputable reference. It provides thorough, up-to-date information in an easy-to-read style that translates into:

  • increased knowledge
  • enhanced clinical skills
  • renewed passion for the profession
  • strengthened personal recovery

As the official magazine of BHAP, members at the Peer Recovery and Individual levels get a free subscription to Counselor as a benefit.

Counselor Magazine now has an international job board.

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Their database is updated every hour with hundreds of new job positions.

  • Free for employers and candidates
  • Search by location or job interest
  • Employers and get their job post featured at the top of searches for a fee
  • Candidates can create a full profile for recruiters to view
  • Employers can search candidate listings to for recruitment
  • More features and options than ever!

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Counselor is always open to submissions as well as advertising. For more information about Counselor, please contact them by phone at 833-819-5015, by email at, or by visiting their website.



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