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Dreamscape Marketing


Dreamscape Marketing is a full service, healthcare focused, digital marketing agency.

Serving the addiction treatment community since 2005, Dreamscape Marketing’s commitment to the ethical and transparent digital marketing of substance use treatment has helped hundreds of programs to be found online, become LegitScript certified, and aided in driving over 150,000 admissions.

Their ROI-focused digital marketing solutions deliver consistent new business development for their clients through a pipeline of highly qualified new patient leads, obtained through connected and modern marketing systems, fueled by efficient budget spend, and continually guided by rapid data-backed adjustments.

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To the world, they are connectors helping to create a transparent online healthcare marketplace and advocates for ethical healthcare marketing. To their clients, they are business partners and guides in building a marketing vehicle for the 21st century.

86% of those who seek treatment begin with a Google Search. Online is where the new patient journey begins and Dreamscape builds plans to meet them there.

Their expert team knows that online is where the search for help begins, and precise patient targeting through digital marketing is the key to bridging the gap between care searcher and care provider. They invite program leaders to connect with us to learn the important role digital marketing plays in battling the substance use epidemic.

For more information about Dreamscape Marketing, please call 888-307-7304, email them at info@dreamscapemail.com or visit their website.


Webinar: Synergize Your Marketing & Billing: How Sharing Data Maximizes Your Tactical and Strategic Advantages

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On February 11, 2021, Dreamscape Marketing’s CEO Dan Gemp co-presented a webinar on the five most common questions addiction treatment clients ask their marketing and billing departments separately. This webinar is $50, and is eligible for C-ATM renewal hours.

Marketing and billing hold the keys of success for each other. This webinar can help you break down the barriers and make that happen.


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A national membership association that provides education and advocacy for those in the behavioral health and addiction treatment industries.

We are the leading and unifying voice of addiction-focused treatment programs.

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