C-ATM Course Navigation FAQ

How do I launch the course?

After purchasing the course you will be redirected to the course syllabus page. It is suggested that you bookmark this page for future reference. You will also receive an email with a link to the course syllabus.

How do I best view the course?

The course can be viewed just like a normal web page, it is best viewed on a laptop or desktop computer.

What are the course contents?

The course is comprised of modules and a final exam. Each module contains the following items:


  • Introduction
  • Guiding Thoughts
  • Video Lectures and Transcript
  • Additional Information (as applicable)
  • Glossary
  • Related Resources
  • Review Quiz
  • Reflective Journal
  • Up Next…
How should I progress through the course?

Begin the course with the ‘Start Here’ module. When you are ready, open module 1. You should complete the module before moving on to module 2. Remember that as you work your way through the modules, you can go back at any time to review previous course content. You must view all of the videos and successfully complete all of the quizzes before gaining access to the final exam.

How should I navigate the course pages?

You can always see where you are in the course and move to any other page of the course from the ‘Course” menu located on the left. If you are on a computer but your browser window is small or you are on a smartphone or tablet, the menu will slide in after clicking the menu icon in the top left-hand corner. If you are on a computer and the browser window is wide enough, the menu will appear to the left of the course content pages.
You can move forward to the next content page by clicking the ‘Next’ button located in the upper and bottom right of the page. To navigate to any other page of the course content, use the ‘Course’ menu.

Can I work at my own pace?

This course is offered fully online, allowing you on-demand 24-7 access, so you can learn at your own pace, conveniently from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. In other words, you go move through the course as quickly or slowly as you choose. Keep in mind that you must view all of the videos and successfully complete all of the quizzes before gaining access to the final exam.

When can I take the final exam?

Once you have completed all of the modules, you will be able to access the final exam. The final exam is a summative assessment, which tests your overall learning of the course material. The final exam consists of 25 questions. You must score at least 80% to pass. You may re-take the final exam as many times as you need in order to successfully pass it.

How do I get my Certificate of Completion?

Upon successful completion of the course final exam, you will you will see a link to a page where you can access your Certificate of Completion.

What if I need help or have more questions?

If you have questions not addressed in this FAQ, please email info@bhap.us or call 888-958-2282. We are always happy to help!

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