Certificate in Addiction Treatment Marketing (C-ATM)

Because applied knowledge is power, and your reputation is everything.

What is the C-ATM?

The Behavioral Health Association of Providers is proud to announce the Certificate in Addiction Treatment Marketing (C-ATM): This first-of-its-kind certificate program is an industry difference maker, setting the national standard for addiction treatment marketers.

Through participation in the C-ATM program, you and your organization will:

  • Learn best practices and practical tips from renowned legal and industry experts
  • Gain knowledge and experience that differentiates you and improves your practice
  • Earn a widely respected C-ATM Certificate and Badge of Recognition that sets you apart from the competition

The C-ATM program is offered fully online, allowing you on-demand 24-7 access, so you can learn at your own pace, conveniently from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

We also offer live workshops available. See our C-ATM Live Events page for more information on what courses and where.

Doug Edwards“Today’s marketers need to be up to date on legislation and compliance issues rapidly changing the business of providing addiction treatment. I earned the Certificate in Addiction Treatment Marketing to better understand these complex dynamics transforming our field. The education provided in the C-ATM courses aligns with the mission of HMP’s Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Learning Network—to empower professionals, whether in business or clinical roles, to provide patient-centric, high-quality, ethically delivered care. Earning the C-ATM is an ideal experience for treatment center marketers and executives dedicated to these goals.”

Doug Edwards, C-ATM

Director, HMP Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Learning Network

Is the C-ATM for You?

Is it for you?

The C-ATM is a comprehensive program of study, addressing the most important topics with which new and experienced addiction treatment marketers should be familiar.

This certificate program is designed to serve the needs of a variety of addiction treatment industry stakeholders, including:

  • Substance use disorder (SUD) treatment professionals and personnel
  • Owners and operators of addiction treatment programs and behavioral health facilities
  • Outside marketing consultant personnel (working in call centers, internet lead generation, and social media relations)
  • Related service industry professionals (such as laboratories and medical services)
  • Sober living and recovery residence operators and personnel

The C-ATM Program

Program of study

The C-ATM is comprised of six (6) comprehensive, interactive live and/or online learning courses. Each course requires approximately six (6) hours to complete, and the entire certificate takes 36 hours. Continuing Education Units (CEs) are offered for each of the C-ATM courses.

Each course may be taken individually and in any order; however, all six courses must be completed to receive the C-ATM Certificate of Completion and Badge or Recognition. A mixture of online learning courses and live workshop courses are acceptable. See our C-ATM Live Events page for more information on what courses and where. The C-ATM courses are:


The C-ATM Courses

The C-ATM Courses

Each of the courses in the C-ATM program has been carefully researched and developed by our subject-matter experts and instructional design team. The result is a comprehensive and cohesive set of learning experiences, custom designed for optimal learning.

Each course includes:

  • High-quality online video presentations by legal and industry experts
  • Online resources, including relevant articles and case studies
  • Experienced professional instructors for live courses
  • Interactive exercises and activities designed to enhance learning
  • Reflection opportunities to increase self-awareness
  • Formative quizzes to ensure comprehension
  • A summative assessment to test overall understanding
c-atm logo DISCLAIMER

If you or your colleagues are interested in earning this prestigious certificate, please go here and select the appropriate course. If you have any questions, please contact us at: help@bhap.us


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