Provider Payor Certificate of Compliance (PPCC)

Provider Payor Certificate of Compliance (PPCC)

What is the PPCC?

Elevating your program above the competition will help your relationship with insurance benefit payors. In short order, you can realize more referrals, better communications, fewer claim denials, and better reimbursement rates. The PPCC represents another level of competence and confidence for insurance benefit payors.


The Provider Payor Certificate of Compliance is an annual certificate of recognition that the provider complies with applicable regulations, best-in-class policies & procedures, and maintains an unsurpassed ethical code of conduct.

Will PPCC Work for You?

Forged from a passion for behavioral healthcare service providers trying to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry, BHAP developed the PPCC Provider Payor Certificate of Compliance to provide the necessary confidence and oversight for healthcare benefit payors interested in rewarding best-in-class providers with fewer claim denials, higher reimbursement rates, and simpler lines of communication.

BHAP helps to educate the insurance benefit payors of the advantages of PPCC Certificates. This education goes a long way in creating a mutually beneficial relationship between your organization and the payor. If you are a BHAP member in good standing and you are a behavioral healthcare provider seeking better reimbursement relationships with insurance benefit payors, then PPCC will work for you.

How PPCC Works

BHAP professionals audit the operational documentation and systems of your organization, which results in a comprehensive report of findings and compliance with PPCC standards. Using the report findings as a basis, your organization will be issued a PPCC Certificate of Compliance badge and Certificate or be provided a checklist of corrective actions required to receive the PPCC Certificate of Compliance. We can also provide consultation to assist in corrective actions, as well as providing refresher audits and reissuance of the PPCC on an annual basis.


What Makes PPCC Different

  • Experts in compliance with laws and standards
    Backed by Nelson Hardiman, one of the nation’s largest behavioral healthcare law firms, BHAP has an unprecedented knowledge of the law, regulations, and compliance.
  • Ethical standards
    BHAP offers the behavioral health industry the Certificate in Addiction Treatment Marketing, which is the premier certificate program for providers demonstrating collegiate-level ethics education, regulatory compliance, and best practices.
  • Standards development
    Behavioral healthcare is different from other healthcare services. However, health insurance companies and regulatory bodies often lump behavioral health services in with other healthcare services. BHAP is helping to distinguish behavioral healthcare by developing self-regulatory standards for the industry and educating providers and payors of the importance of self-regulation.

The PPCC is for BHAP members only.



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