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An Substance Abuse Professional is someone who evaluates employees who have violated a Department of Transportation drug and alcohol program regulation.

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Peer Support Training

A Behavioral Health Peer Support Specialist promotes recovery and removes barriers and obstacles to recovery, serving as a personal guide and mentor for people seeking or already in recovery from an addiction to alcohol and or other drugs.

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CAMS: Certified Admissions and Marketing Specialist

CAMS: Certified Admissions and Marketing Specialist

Being ethical in the marketing of your addiction treatment organization or services is more important than ever. This six-course program teaches you best practices and practical tips on marketing your addiction treatment or behavioral health service or organization.

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Infinity Behavioral Client Network (IBCN)

The Infinity Behavioral Client Network or IBCN, is a clinically-integrated network of providers who agree to be held to higher standards of compliance and accountability in order to attain favorable contractual relationships with various payers.

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Provider Payor Certificate of Compliance (PPCC)

Providing the necessary confidence and oversight for healthcare benefit payors interested in rewarding best-in-class providers with fewer claim denials, higher reimbursement rates, and simpler lines of communication.

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A national membership association that provides education and advocacy for those in the behavioral health and addiction treatment industries.

We are the leading and unifying voice of addiction-focused treatment programs.

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