Webinar: Ethics in a Digital Age

This will be a lively overly ambitious training which discusses rules and regulations governing digital communications, the use of social media, telepsychology, and crossing state lines as a licensed provider. In doing so, we will go beyond traditional ethical courses which just discuss confidentiality, duty to warn, and duty to protect in the context of a professional practice.

Advertising and ethics will be explored, as we examine ethics in these professions from an individual (micro), group (mezzo), and community (macro) perspectives.

In this webinar, you will:

  • explain, describe, and differentiate digital policies and ethics for licensed clinicians;
  • review confidentiality, duty to warn, and duty to protect in a Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram world;
  • examine the usage of social media and advertising;
  • evaluate telepsychology and the ethical dilemma it poses; and
  • re-evaluate our practices as behavioral health leaders in the field.

The impact of the opioid epidemic on delivery of services along with the legalization of marijuana and the "me too" movement will be some of the more global ethical issues we will explore as practitioners.

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Dr. Louise Stanger

Dr. Louise Stanger,

Dr. Louise Stanger developed and refined her invitational method of mental health and substance abuse interventions using the well-established research methodology of portraiture. She has performed thousands of family interventions throughout the United States and abroad.

In addition to her years of experience, Dr. Stanger is a published author, with works covering a range of topics including mental health, substance abuse, the opioid epidemic, and more. To find out more about her, visit her website All About Interventions.


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