FORCE Fighting for Opioid Relief through Collaborative Effort

Pause for just a moment and contemplate how many people you can think of that have been affected by the opioid crisis. Between the people who have overdosed, people suffering in pain, struggling with addiction, and loved ones; the crisis now permeates everyone in every zip code, in every corner of our great nation. The time to take more direct action is now.

Fighting for Opioid Relief through Collaborative Effort (FORCE) is a project spearheaded by the Behavioral Health Association of Providers to accelerate cooperation and coordination among government, non-profit, and private organizations focused on reducing opioid-related overdose deaths and expanding access to effective substance use disorder treatment and pain management.

FORCE seeks to provide resources and tools to increase awareness, offer ways for individuals to participate in meaningful opioid crisis response, and drive innovation towards essential solutions to end the suffering caused by opioid use disorders.

Even with the enactment of recent federal and state laws to address the opioid crisis, the work done to date has just been a drop in the bucket.

For 2019, the Behavioral Health Association of Providers has identified three primary initiatives that significantly impact opioid addiction and opioid overdose deaths.

We cannot act swiftly enough to put a stop to the needless suffering of those afflicted with substance use disorders and their loved ones. That is why the BHAP FORCE initiatives are designed to generate significant impact quickly, where it counts; with the medical community, the workplace, and the clinicians working with patients.

You are a major part of the solution. These efforts take considerable financial resources to manage and implement across the nation. With your help, we will save hundreds of thousands from loss of life and suffering. And the return on investment does not stop there: given proper treatment, every individual diagnosed with substance use disorder has the possibility of paying forward their own recovery. Those in recovery give back to their communities, and they reach out with enlightened perspectives and generous hearts.

Together we can turn this national crisis around and create communities, regions, states, and a nation that can stand tall and proud. It all starts with you: your compassion, and your commitment to join us to help end the opioid crisis.

Behavioral Health Association of Providers is best positioned to help solve the neglected aspects of opioid crisis response. We are the only national association with the reach, expertise, and influence to carry out the heavy lifting required to accomplish the FORCE initiatives. Click an image below to find out more about the FORCE initiatives:

FORCE MAT and Behavioral Health Counseling initiative
FORCE Develop Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Standards initiative
FORCE Workplace Wellness to Include Substance Use Disorders initiative


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