Workplace Wellness to Include Substance Use Disorders

FORCE Develop Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Standards initiative

BHAP will educate legislators of the crisis within American workplaces, create a plan of action to address substance use disorders within workplace wellness programs, and provide resources for employers.

Sixty percent of Americans spend 50 hours or more at the workplace every week: Americans also spend more on healthcare than any other country in the world. While admirable efforts to support healthy behaviors in the workplace commonly focus on weight reduction, exercise, and smoking cessation, substance use disorders and related anxiety management receive little to no attention. Over 20 million Americans are diagnosed with substance use disorders, which means that up to 13% of the workforce may be impacted. By addressing substance use disorders in the workplace in the context of workplace wellness promotion, prevention, intervention, and supportive resources for treatment, employers can realize significant healthcare savings (exceeding costs by a ratio of 12:1) and see significant other returns on investment, including higher productivity and lower absenteeism and turnover.



A National Trade Membership Association that provides education and advocacy for behavioral healthcare providers and related entities.

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