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Jordan and Associates offers a variety of business solutions for behavioral healthcare. From the right people and connections to the right improvements and business decisions, Jordan & Associates helps companies function at the highest level.

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Dozens of factors go into running a successful behavioral healthcare company. Jordan and Associates Consulting knows you face unique challenges every day. They offer support for:

  • People Engagement
    • Recruiting
    • Conferences & Events
    • Business Development & Sales Coaching
    • Admissions & Referral Coaching
  • Business Consulting
    • Startups & Operations
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Digital Marketing
    • Branding

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Webinar: Conference Blueprint: Strategies for Event Success

On December 10, 2019, Jordan and Associates' CEO Jordan Young presented a webinar on strategies for event success. You can purchase this webinar for $50 (BHAP members get 15% off).

'Conference Blueprint: Strategies for Event Success' with a photo of a gentleman presenting at a conference

Facilities are spending thousands of dollars using Google ad words, months trying to create a productive business development team, and large amounts of time traveling for meetings with potential referral sources. But conferences are the quickest and most cost effective way to give your census a boost, when done right.



Webinar: Finding Your Dream Job or Candidate in Behavioral Health

On July 22, 2021, Jordan and Associates' CEO Jordan Young co-presented a webinar on the job search in behavioral health. The webinar is free to view.

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The job search can be tough — no matter if you need a job or have one to fill. This webinar is for both sides. For those looking, you’ll learn best practices for evaluating a job opportunity in behavioral health. For those hiring, you’ll learn how to attract and hire ideal candidates.


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For more information about Jordan and Associates Consulting, please contact Jordan Young by phone at 615-714-5237, by email at [email protected], or by visiting their website.



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