Legislative Alert: Grant for Tennessee Behavioral Health Pilot Project

June 28, 2018

Tennessee's Finance, Ways and Means Committee is currently looking at SB 0045. Sponsored by Senator Becky Massey, the bill is set to appropriate $4.5 million to the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services to make a grant for a three-year behavioral health pilot project.

If passed, it will expend the money in three annual payments of $1.5 million to fund a three-year behavioral health pilot program in Knox County. It has passed the Senate on second consideration and was referred to committee in February of 2017. No action has been recorded since then.

BHAP will continue to monitor the progress of Tennessee SB 0045, and will update members on any important legislative updates.

For more information on the current laws governing treatment programs and sober living facilities in Tennessee, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for the state.


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