Legislative Alert: Oregon Addiction Legislation and AL Youth Residential Facility Abuse Prevention Act

May 10, 2018

Oregon Addiction Legislation

In March, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed two bills and an executive order that affect the addiction industry.

HB 4143 requires the Director of Department of Consumer and Business Services to study barriers to effective treatment for and recovery from substance use disorders no later than June 30, 2018.

HB 4137 requires the Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission to report to interim committees of Legislative Assembly, no later than December 31, 2018, its recommendations for scope and framework for its comprehensive addiction, prevention, treatment and recovery plan.

Meanwhile, Executive Order No. 18-01 declares addiction to be a public health crisis, which Brown hopes to increase awareness and marshal the resources of state agencies.

Alabama Youth Residential Facility Abuse Prevention Act

Effective 4/28/18, Alabama's Department of Human Resources has adopted rules as part of the "Alabama Youth Residential Facility Abuse Prevention Act".

These rules require certain youth residential organizations to develop policies that:

  • "(7) If it advertises or promotes special care, programs, or environments for persons with behavioral, emotional, substance abuse, or social challenges, the written description shall include how its programs and services are intended to achieve the advertised or promoted claims" and
  • "(24) If it advertises or includes in its marketing materials reference to providing alcohol or substance abuse treatment, ensure that the treatment is provided by a licensed or certified alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment facility."

BHAP will continue to monitor the progress and will update members on any important legislative updates.


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