National Addiction Treatment Week 2020

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About National Addiction Treatment Week

When patients are treated appropriately by medical professionals trained in addiction medicine, we can save lives and improve treatment outcomes.

With that goal in mind, the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) hosts National Addiction Treatment Week to raise awareness about the critical gap between the number of patients who need addiction treatment and their access to qualified medical professionals trained to provide evidence-based, specialty treatment. It also highlights the urgent need for clinicians to enter the field of addiction medicine and expand the qualified workforce.

This year, Addiction Treatment Week’s focus will be to encourage clinicians and providers who work in a variety of medical settings and specialties to learn more about addiction and evidence-based treatment and consider career paths that emphasis the field of addiction medicine. Physicians, board-certified in addiction medicine, and clinicians who treat addiction daily will share why they chose to treat addiction and inspire other medical professionals to join them in learning more about evidence-based addiction treatment. Visit for more information about medical career paths that focus on addiction treatment.

No matter the medical setting or specialty you work in, saving lives is the endgame. By putting our combined resources to work, we all contribute to the health and wellbeing of patients.

What a great opportunity to work together to deliver a truly comprehensive 2020 National Addiction Treatment Week for the entire medical community and amplify these important messages.

To become an official 2020 National Addiction Treatment Week partner, please email Christine Merrifield to start the conversation.

Summary of the Week’s Activities

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Throughout the week, ASAM will be sharing:

On social media, using #Treatment Week, inspirational testimonials from board-certified addiction medicine specialists and clinicians who treat addiction daily. The testimonials will include:

  • Video messages sharing why individuals chose to treat addiction or become certified in addiction medicine, and, also, the importance of growing an addiction medicine care and treatment workforce
  • Selfies proclaiming why individual treat addiction or became certified.

Resources to learn more about careers focused on addiction treatment including relevant webinars, timely studies and articles, and helpful websites

Each day of the week will focus on treating addiction in a specific medical setting or specialty.

Specific to each focus, the week will host respective webinars, twitter chats, and virtual meet-ups where clinicians can learn about how to treat addiction and addiction treatment focused career paths from current specialists in their setting or field of interest.

What a great opportunity to work together to deliver a truly comprehensive 2020 National Addiction Treatment Week for the entire medical community and amplify these important messages.

Areas of focus will include:

  • Monday, Oct. 19: Primary Care
  • Tuesday, Oct. 20: Hospital Settings
  • Wednesday, Oct. 21: OB/GYN
  • Thursday, Oct. 22: Psychiatry
  • Friday, Oct. 23: Criminal Justice Settings
  • Saturday, Oct. 24: Medical Students
  • Sunday, Oct. 25: Resource Day

Ways to Contribute

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Ways to Contribute Today:

  • Share the Save the Date messages below using the hashtag #TreatmentWeek on social media, newsletters, and blogs.
  • Visit the week’s toolkit that includes images and social messages from the shared Dropbox. It will be updated regularly with new elements.
  • Contact Christine Merrifield via email to learn more about becoming a partner and discussing ways you can work with them.

Social Media Messages (get accompanying images in the shared Dropbox)

[Twitter] Save the date! Oct. 19-25 is National Addiction Treatment Week. Join this effort to bridge the gap between patients needing addiction treatment and trained providers who can deliver life-saving care. #TreatmentWeek highlights ways clinicians across the nation can #TreatAddictionSaveLives.

[Instagram] Save the date! Join us on October 19-25, 2020 for National Addiction Treatment Week. In an effort to bridge the treatment gap between patients who need addiction treatment and trained, qualified medical professionals available to deliver this life-saving care, #TreatmentWeek will highlight ways clinicians across the nation can get involved in bringing awareness to addiction treatment and #TreatAddictionSaveLives.


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