Press Release: First C-ATM Certificate in Addiction Treatment Marketing Badge of Recognition Released

October 19, 2018

Poised to be the new industry standard for professional marketers in behavioral healthcare.

On October 15, 2018, the first independent badge of recognition for completing the thirty-six-hour long C-ATM Course regimen was issued. This is a momentous occasion for Behavioral Health Association of Providers as well as the behavioral healthcare industry.

The C-ATM Certificate in Addiction Treatment Marketing has been developed in response to governmental and commercial insurance scrutiny over marketing practices in the substance use disorder treatment industry. The core curriculum is designed with six independent courses, each consisting of six hours of specific education pertaining to:

  • Course 1: Corporate Ethics and Compliance
  • Course 2: Consumer Privacy and Data Security
  • Course 3: Ethical Communications in Marketing
  • Course 4: Addiction Treatment Marketing, Part 1
  • Course 5: Addiction Treatment Marketing, Part 2
  • Course 6: Ethical Compensation Practices

"The C-ATM is poised to rapidly become the industry standard for substance use disorder treatment industry providers," said Andrew Martin, COO of Behavioral Health Associaton of Providers, and continues, "The industry needs a way to build confidence in the consumer that the provider not only operates in compliance with regulations and laws, but goes a step beyond with unprecedented dedication to operating within ethical best practices for the behavioral healthcare industry."

The information contained in the training provides for compliance with governmental regulations as well as best practices formulated from a highly ethical perspective on healthcare. The subject matter includes all aspects of public messaging, from compensation practices for marketing contractors and employees to advertising campaign design and implementation.

While the C-ATM was designed for consumer confidence and protecting the provider from unknown liabilities, the additional benefit resides within the C-ATM recipients being able to network with other like-minded individuals within the behavioral healthcare industry. Andrew Martin said, "It is simpler to provide referrals to a provider when you know that they are transparent in their dealings with the patient, and they will not be offering any inducements, kickbacks, or other forms of remuneration in order to obtain a patient's business. It is just good business to operate on a highly ethical plane, and this certificate of completion helps providers understand the definition of ethical business practices, and helps to reinforce the reputation of those providers who continue to operate at that highly ethical level."


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