Payroll Office of America


Payroll Office of America (POA) has teamed up with the BHAP to provide BHAP members with exclusive payroll services as well as a 10% discount on all products and services offered through POA.

POA Offers the following services to BHAP members:
  • Web Based Payroll Processing
  • Full Service Payroll Tax Reporting and Tax Payments
  • W2 and 1099 Processing
  • Check Signing, Envelope Insertion and Sealing
  • Full Service Direct Deposit and/or Rapid Pay Cards
  • Pay As You Go Workers' Compensation Program
  • Electronic Web-based Timekeeping System
  • Time Off Accrual
  • Labor and Job Costing
  • HR Services
  • Trust Checks
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Third Party/Garnishment Checks and Electronic Transfers
  • 401k Reporting
  • Unemployment Tax Service
  • QuickBooks Import Tool
  • Paperless HR Solutions
  • Employee Self Service

The majority of these services can be purchased on an a-la-carte basis, which helps keep costs down for BHAP members. A particular service that is not ala carte is POA's direct deposit and/or rapid paycard service program. These two services are offered as all inclusive products at no extra cost to our members. This enables members to offer unlimited direct deposits to their employees, while avoiding the extra fees commonly associated with this service. In addition to this, companies whose employees solely utilize direct deposit and/or pay cards, can opt to go paperless, thus eliminating the weekly or biweekly overnight delivery charges. POA can send all payroll reports and employee earnings statements to our clients via email which ensures savings on the admin charge, as well as providing piece of mind to the client in not worrying about a delivery mistake derailing their payroll.

Another very popular product offered is POA's pay as you go workers' comp program. Approximately 60% of clients take advantage of this service. This program allows business owners to pay their workers' comp premiums through their payroll processing each pay period via electronic banking. This helps them to avoid the year end audit surprise that is commonly associated with traditional workers' comp policies. It's a very nice budgeting tool for companies. POA is currently approved through 22 workers' compensation insurance carriers who trust us to administer their clients' workers' compensation policies.

Pay Roll of America

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