Press Release: American Addiction Treatment Association (AATA) Announces Collaboration & Affiliate Membership with California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP)

March 21, 2017

The American Addiction Treatment Association (AATA) formalizes an alliance with the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP).

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The American Addiction Treatment Association (AATA) is proud to announce that it has entered into a formal collaboration and affiliation with the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP). AATA and CCAPP have committed to work together on multiple initiatives to provide support to addiction programs and professionals, including sharing industry insights, providing reciprocal membership discounts, and engaging in collaborative education, knowledge-sharing, research, and marketing efforts.

"We're very proud to partner with CCAPP," said Harry Nelson, attorney and founding board chair of AATA. "AATA and CCAPP share a commitment to supporting addiction treatment professionals and programs throughout California and the United States. CCAPP is a recognized industry leader in advocating for addiction treatment providers, and this affiliation will enable both organizations to deliver more value to the addiction treatment community. Our shared goal is enriching our resources for our members to improve the quality of care and make addiction treatment more accessible to more people in need. We anticipate that this will be the first formal collaborative relationship with other industry-leading groups. It will allow us to more efficiently share the most accurate, up-to-date regulatory and compliance information with more providers in California and beyond. By sharing CCAPP's outstanding educational and advocacy efforts with our members, we are serving addiction treatment programs and providers to enable them to deliver the best care for their patients."

The new AATA-CCAPP affiliation includes a 50% discount for members of both organizations to join the other, as well combined efforts to present educational webinars, seminars, and articles.

"I look forward to expanding my relationship with AATA's membership while focusing on CCAPP's work in the addiction treatment industry. CCAPP is the largest association representing alcohol and drug counselors and programs in the state of California. Our combined efforts with AATA in this collaboration will allow us to expand and offer wider access to educational topics for the entire joint membership," said Pete Nielsen, Chief Executive Officer of CCAPP. "As an advocate for addiction treatment programs in California, CCAPP serves as a vital link between government, consumers, program owners, and directors. Our work with AATA will help consumers while also providing support and education to a range of individual professionals, sober living facilities, and addiction treatment centers. CCAPP is excited by this opportunity to collaborate and serve as ambassadors for each other's organization."

With the affiliate membership, the new discounted AATA-CCAPP dual membership is available online to recovery industry professionals, owners, and operators in California. For more information on becoming a member, visit, call (888) 958-2282, or email: info(at)addiction-tx(dot)com.


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