Press Release: The American Addiction Treatment Association (AATA) is Proud to Partner with First Vendor: Infinity Behavioral Health Services

November 15, 2016

The American Addiction Treatment Association (AATA) and Infinity Behavioral Health Services announce a new partnership. Together, they will be collaborating to provide best-in-industry resources on the intersection of compliance and revenue cycle management for behavioral health providers.

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The American Addiction Treatment Association (AATA) and Infinity Behavioral Health Services are proud to announce a landmark three-year vendor agreement. The American Addiction Treatment Association (AATA) is a national trade association that provides online resources and training events, including state-by-state compliance requirements for licensing and certification, operations, reimbursement, clinical standards, patient privacy, quality assurance, and risk management. Infinity provides unparalleled revenue cycle management services to behavioral healthcare providers within the addiction treatment industry.

"As a leading revenue cycle management company in the behavioral healthcare industry, Infinity Behavioral Health Services is an organization that shares AATA's vision. Infinity values education and best practices, which is in line with our approach," said attorney Harry Nelson, partner at Nelson Hardiman, LLP and founding board chair of AATA. "To support programs and providers in the thick of the current opioid crisis and rapid growth in addiction treatment, we seek to work with the leading solution providers to support our members' businesses. Our Vendors play essential roles for compliant treatment programs. Our goal is to guide addiction treatment professionals navigating through changing laws and regulations so they can stay ahead of requirements by remaining compliant. Our aim is to serve as an educational, resource-driven association so programs can focus on helping patients."

Infinity Behavioral Health Services is an innovator in the addiction treatment industry by becoming the first exclusively endorsed Revenue Cycle Management company sponsor of AATA.

"As the industry leader in RCM services and a company that holds regulatory compliance in the highest importance, Infinity applauds AATA's initiative to fill a gap in the addiction treatment industry by providing informative, accessible resources about the compliance issues which are critical to our industry," Infinity's CEO Eloy Paez said.

"For over five years, Infinity has worked closely with partners in the substance abuse, mental health, and laboratory space by providing them with utilization review, billing, collections, consulting. and management services. Focusing on the long-term growth of its partners requires Infinity to stay ahead of and in compliance with the latest regulatory changes," Paez noted. "Revenue Cycle Management in the behavioral health space requires careful adherence to the national web of regulatory requirements for both treatment providers and RCM companies. Infinity's industry-leading expertise in the field is the perfect complement to the knowledge-base of AATA to keep treatment providers informed and up-to-date on the latest and most important legal developments in the insurance reimbursement field."

In the coming years, AATA and Infinity will provide the industry with educational seminars, webinars, and white papers on issues at the intersection of insurance reimbursement and regulatory compliance. These include upcoming events to address the implications for addiction treatment of the recent election and anticipated changes in federal law and regulations.

On November 17th in Los Angeles, AATA and Infinity are offering a seminar: The Intersection of Practice of Medicine and Drug Rehabilitation. The panel will discuss the incredible growth in the addiction treatment industry, safety problems, AB 848, The Stone Act, and CPOM issues. Addiction treatment professionals need to meet a set standard of care in California's legal framework and the panel will provide guidance and educational resources helping treatment programs navigate the changing laws and regulations.

On December 7th in Fort Lauderdale, AATA and Infinity are holding a seminar on the topic of Patient Financial Responsibility in Insurance Billing. Participants will learn how drug treatment programs can address the pressure to reduce the cost of programs for those with limited financial means without violating the law. Waiving a patient's financial responsibility is increasingly alleged by payors to be a form of fraud, and insurance companies are aggressively pursuing programs that waive client deductibles, copayments, or coinsurance. Legal forms of marketing, offering scholarships, and charitable donations will also be discussed.

Owners, operators, investors, and employees of residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment programs, and sober living facilities may benefit from AATA membership and resources. Health professionals, attorneys, marketers, and other professionals who work in addiction treatment should plan on attending AATA's programs. AATA membership is available to recovery industry professionals, owners, and operators to navigate the evolving clinical and regulatory landscapes. For more information on becoming a member or vendor of the Association, visit, call (888) 958-2282, or email: info(at)addiction-tx(dot)com.

Since 2011, Infinity Behavioral Health Services has provided unparalleled revenue cycle management services to behavioral healthcare providers. Because Infinity is clinician owned and operated, it understands the day-to-day issues involved in navigating managed care companies and how they affect your business. Infinity's goal is to help providers enhance quality of service, while increasing revenue and maintaining compliance with industry and managed care standards. To learn more about how Infinity can help your business, call (800) 446-3982 or email info(at)infinitybehavioral(dot)com.


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