Press Release: The American Addiction Treatment Association (AATA) Launches Addiction Treatment Industry Regulations and Compliance Information for Michigan

March 13, 2017

The American Addiction Treatment Association (AATA) launches addiction treatment industry regulations and resources for Industry Professionals, Sober/Transitional Living Facilities, and Addiction Treatment Centers for the state of Michigan.

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The American Addiction Treatment Association (AATA) is launching regulations and compliance information to support Michigan-based addiction treatment programs for staying in compliance with laws and regulations. Michigan is the ninth state in which AATA membership resources are available to industry professionals, sober/transitional living facilities, and addiction treatment centers. AATA has previously launched regulatory compliance resources in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, Tennessee, and Georgia.

AATA Board Chair Harry Nelson observed that, "AATA's mission is to help both patients and programs by providing up-to-date information on compliance with current regulations related to addiction treatment licensing, operations, and reimbursement. Patients in Michigan need the ability to find compliant addiction treatment programs and providers need to be informed of changing regulations in a growing industry. As Michigan experiences an opioid crisis, the need for more addiction treatment resources continues to grow. Treatment admissions in Detroit, where I grew up, show that heroin and cocaine are the two major drugs of abuse, while the rest of the state faces a broad problem of prescription opioids and opiates abuse. The situation is so serious that Michigan legislation was signed on December 28, 2016 making life-saving overdose reversal drugs available without prescription. AATA's educational resources will have a positive impact on the entire landscape of addiction treatment in Michigan. We're also seeing the rise of task forces in various states that are tackling abuses in addiction treatment. Michigan is one of those states that established a Prescription Drug and Opioid Task Force to provide oversight and a statewide action plan. The Task Force is likely to undertake a needed crackdown on bad actors who commit fraud and endanger patients. But there is no easy way to access, let alone understand current requirements and regulations to help providers comply with the laws. It's not always easy to distinguish bad actors from good programs that make ignorant mistakes on billing, marketing, and other operational issues. That's where AATA comes in to educate providers, programs, addiction treatment centers, and sober homes."

AATA is adding to its educational resources every month by offering an expert seminar series, topic-focused webinars, and educational toolkits. "We're very proud of the progress we've made in the addiction treatment in a very short period of time. Our footprint has grown over the last year and we're grateful to connect with addiction treatment and recovery professionals in Michigan," said Gina Meyer, AATA's Executive Director. "By offering top-level expert seminars from Florida to California and appearing at addiction treatment related conferences across the country, our speakers are able to share the challenges and best practices associated with addiction treatment. Our webinars also bring together leaders in the industry so participants can address their own operational challenges and find concrete solutions to remain compliant. Providers have a vested interest in ensuring they are compliant so they can stay in business. AATA's continuing effort to provide new resources, such as the Patient Financial Responsibility Toolkit, is to help programs help their patients in recovery."

AATA Membership will become available in the coming months for Pennsylvania, Washington, Colorado, New Jersey, and Minnesota.

AATA Membership benefits are available to recovery industry professionals, owners, and operators to navigate the evolving clinical and regulatory landscapes. For more information, visit , call (888) 958-2282, or email info(at)addiction-tx(dot)com.


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