Press Release: Mergers & Acquisition Services Consulting Now a Part of Behavioral Health Association of Providers (BHAP) Offerings

November 30, 2018

Forged from a passion for behavioral healthcare service providers trying to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry, BHAP has developed M&A services using its extensive connections and legal expertise to assist buyers and sellers in obtaining fair deals based on the principles of transparency and highly principled ethics.

"In this time of tremendous change within the behavioral healthcare space, we felt it necessary to offer providers an ethical and informed source to help navigate mergers, acquisitions, purchases, and divestitures of behavioral healthcare businesses," said Andrew Martin, Chief Operating Officer. Andrew continues, "Recent industry shifts are rendering some businesses obsolete while offering other businesses tremendous opportunity. The coming years will undoubtedly revise the landscape of behavioral healthcare in significant ways as legislation, funding, and commercial insurance create further impact for healthcare providers."

With an increasing demand for behavioral healthcare services, and a compulsory change in the way many programs receive patient referrals, resulting from the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act anti-patient brokering clause, the behavioral healthcare industry must make radical changes quickly. Many healthcare providers have already succumb to the loss of revenue created by the mandatory compliance to the new laws. Simultaneously, other behavioral healthcare providers are using this time as an opportunity to expand their operations into new marketplaces and new geographies.

"The vast majority of the substance use disorder segment of behavioral healthcare is operated by smaller organizations without the benefit of formal business education. These are family operators that have a personal connection and a passion for delivering high-quality therapeutic services to patients that are suffering from addiction," states Andrew Martin, Chief Operating Officer at BHAP. Andrew continues, "We want to help these providers to continue to offer the treatment services that are so desperately needed by those afflicted with substance use disorders and other behavioral health illness. That is why BHAP has gathered together a core group of trusted M&A experts and resources."

BHAP now helps behavioral healthcare providers seeking sell-side or buy-side consultation or representation. Our behavioral healthcare legal expertise and industry precedent setting ethical stance, as is evidenced in the Certificate in Addiction Treatment Marketing standard as well as the Provider-Payor Certificate of Compliance, combined with our national reach and network of attorneys, brokers, investors, and financial lenders is unsurpassed. Combined with the influence of our strategic partners, BHAP brings strong deal potential regardless of deal size or deal structure.


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