Press Release: Behavioral Health Association of Providers Works to Change Position and Impression of Behavioral Healthcare Industry

May 1, 2018

Behavioral health providers now have another advocate fighting for their right to ethically conduct business within the guidance of federal and state regulations. On April 1, 2018, Behavioral Health Association of Providers changed its name from American Addiction Treatment Association to better encompass mental/emotional well-being and/or actions that affect wellness. Behavioral health problems include substance use disorders; alcohol and drug addiction; and serious psychological distress, suicide, and mental disorders.

"Today is a proud day in BHAP history because we have launched the first of many certificate programs designed to educate behavioral health professionals and entrust the public to providers that take their reputation seriously,"" said Andrew Martin, Chief Operating Officer. Andrew continues,"Our C-ATM Certificate in Addiction Treatment Marketing program is a 36 hour long college-level course that covers laws, regulations, best practices and guidelines." The certificate program requires intensive education and examinations in order to receive the C-ATM certificate and badge for any person completing the coursework.

The C-ATM is split into six different courses, all six hours in length, and all with a unique curriculum focused on behavioral health providers. Andrew Martin explains, "The course curriculum and learning objectives are designed to set the standard for addiction treatment marketers. This certificate program will set apart the high performers with genuine intent on conducting good business from those who are not interested in protecting the behavioral health industry from nefarious providers."

The C-ATM courses include topics such as: Corporate Ethics and Compliance, Consumer Privacy and Data Security, Ethical Communications in Marketing, Addiction Treatment Marketing, and Ethical Compensation Practices. The courses are delivered either online, or in live workshops across the United States. "Our intent is to make this certificate program a standard within the USA," states Andrew Martin, "I think the rigorous education and examination process will have a significant impact on changing the position and impression that behavioral health providers encounter with insurance providers and the public at large."


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