Susan’s Story: Getting Your Certificate in Addiction Treatment Marketing

April 16, 2019


by Nick Jaworski, Digital Community Builder of Circle Social, Inc.

“The addiction treatment industry isn’t exactly known for its ethics, so I was so happy to find an organization that is helping the industry get better in that area.”

While studying to get her CADC, Susan worked an internship that made her realize she loved the administrative aspects of health care as much as the clinical ones.

Especially the marketing.

Ready to shift her focus, she searched for addiction marketing training online, and luckily, she discovered us, the Behavioral Health Association of Providers.

“The addiction treatment industry isn’t exactly known for its ethics, so I was so happy to find an organization that is helping the industry get better in that area,” she told us.

She signed up to get her C-ATM, otherwise known as the Certificate in Addiction Treatment Marketing, and now has successfully been awarded her badge!

These are the stand-out aspects of her experience:

C-ATM Badges -– Showing Your Dedication To Ethical Addiction Treatment Marketing

Knowing that she would be looking for a job once she completed her CADC, Susan wanted a stand-out way to show her dedication to this field.

Her C-ATM Badge does just that on top of giving her the skills to help providers market their services effectively and ethically.

“As a new graduate, having that credential demonstrates my commitment to giving outstanding service and going that extra mile for my clients.”

Susan says the course really gave her a lot of background information that she didn’t have before too.

A Unique Insight into Sales and Marketing in a Clinical Setting

Marketing your addiction treatment center means being involved in PUBLIC communications.

How to handle that was not covered as part of Susan’s CADC program.

She was also surprised that many aspects of data security were never covered in her CADC program, something that everyone in the center should know.

Being mindful about what you put on your website and what information you make public applies to all employees of that center.

Doing an outing, or showing what your center does, she learned you really need to talk to them and get them to sign waivers. She hadn’t thought before about how high the level of privacy and security required is.

This is not an uncommon mistake. Many center staff are not trained appropriately on compliance issues, which can result in very large fines for the centers. This is one reason the C-ATM program was created and why providers reach out to us to have their entire team certified.

More than just covering privacy laws and requirements, though, the most important part of the program for Susan was how to be a truly patient-centered marketer.

Susan says the most important lesson she got was how to be truly patient-centered.

In a marketing or clinical role, behavioral health admissions are unique. The classes walked her through how to think consistently and ethically about whether or not the patient was a good fit for the program.

In any other business, it would seem crazy to send a prospective client somewhere else, but in healthcare, you must put the patient’s needs first, according to what your program can provide.

“Having a background in sales, moving away from ‘Get the sale, get the sale,’ to ‘How do I meet the needs of this patient the best?’ was great to have help with.”

The Behavioral Health Association of Providers’ certification class helped her shift her thinking in the way she knew she needed to.

Final Notes About the C-ATM Program

Aside from getting important information AND perspective, Susan was happy to get this training from BHAP because the program fit her personal needs.

While getting her CADC and a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services at the same time, the C-ATM program was easy for her to use, and she managed it at her own pace.

With all of the resources available in this easy format, she felt supported throughout the certification process.

And it paid off!

Now for her post-graduation job search, she officially has a C-ATM Badge, and the in-depth answers to how she can meet health and addiction treatment needs, both in marketing as well as helping the clinical team.



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