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Vista Research Group's innovative patient monitoring and outcomes research helps your patients get better faster during treatment and generates the independent success rate data prospective payers are asking for. Vista offers two interrelated products:

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INSIGHT Addiction™ & INSIGHT Behavioral™ monitor your patients for co-occurring disorders, suicidal thoughts, self-harming behaviors, cravings, and satisfaction with treatment, and report the results to your clinicians and management in real time in easy-to-understand graphs. Vista’s data analytics platform allows managers to analyze over 40 patient-reported metrics by date, by program, and by clinician.

By automating the process of collecting and reporting patient data, INSIGHT Addiction™ minimizes staff involvement and makes it easy for your program to comply with the Joint Commission’s patient-reported outcome measures standard.

RECOVERY 20/20™ follows up with your patients one month, six months and twelve months after they leave treatment to learn how successful they’ve been at remaining clean and sober as well as the impact treatment has had on their quality of life. The results are summarized in both a comprehensive Treatment Effectiveness Report and a Strategic Analysis that identifies areas in which your program is excelling as well as opportunities for improvement. Vista’s data analytics platform allows treatment centers to access topline post-treatment outcomes results, updated monthly!

As her daughter cycled in and out of multiple alcoholism treatment programs, Joanna Conti became very frustrated by the lack of success rate data available to help families identify the best facilities. A serial entrepreneur who had previously started software and consulting companies as well as an international nonprofit, Conti launched Vista Research Group in August 2016 to help treatment programs cost-effectively determine their success rates. Shortly thereafter, the company expanded into also providing real-time in-treatment patient monitoring requiring only a minimal amount of staff oversight.

Joanna Conti
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Vista Research Group started monitoring how COVID was affecting addiction treatment patients less than two weeks after the pandemic was declared.

They have summarized their findings from monitoring 13,077 patients during treatment and 3,574 after discharge in The State of Addiction Treatment 2021, which you can browse online or download free.

The 60-page report includes a wealth of information, including:

  • How the move to telehealth affected treatment satisfaction
  • The increase in first-time patients entering treatment for alcohol use disorder
  • The COVID-related issues that had the greatest impact on patients' ability to remain abstinent after treatment
  • The growth in addiction treatment call volumes during the pandemic
  • How age, gender and ethnicity affected the likelihood of developing depression and/or generalized anxiety disorder

While providers have been working flat out to treat increasing numbers of desperately-ill patients, new regulations have been proposed and/or enacted, marketing strategies have changed in effectiveness, mergers and acquisitions have reshaped the field, and post-treatment outcomes research has proven its ability to increase success rates. To help treatment leaders successfully navigate the reopening of the country, the report also includes very informative chapters from Nelson Hardiman's Harry Nelson, Avea Solution's Ben Dittman, The Braff Group's Dexter Braff, Dreamscape Marketing's Dan Gemp, and Conquer Addiction.

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Vista's research software is designed to identify and track those issues that are directly related to treatment success. You can watch a quick online demo here.

This demo of the software includes:

  • Monitoring the Progress Patients are Making During Treatment
  • Patient Summary Reports
  • Requesting Patient Surveys
  • Group Summary Reports
  • Data Analytics
  • Outcomes Research


For more information , please contact them at 800-215-3201 or visit their website.


Webinar: Improve Your Bottom Line by Proving How Effective Your Treatment Is

On April 4, 2018, Vista Research Group presented a webinar about improving your bottom line.

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Is your program getting squeezed by declining payer reimbursements and higher healthcare plan deductibles? Break out of the race for survival by proving how effective your program is on the metric that matters most – how many of your patients are in active recovery one-year post-treatment? Strong results will allow you to attract more clients, negotiate higher reimbursement rates and take advantage of exciting value-based contracting opportunities.

Webinar: Easily Comply with the Joint Commission's New Outcome Measures Standard

On September 26, 2017, Vista Research Group presented a webinar about the Joint Commission's new outcome measures standards. You can purchase this webinar for $50 (BHAP members get 15% off.)

Easily Comply with the Joint Commission’s New Outcome Measures Standard

This webinar discusses how to choose the best measures to monitor for your clients, make your system easy for your clinical staff to use, and reduce the staff time required to generate real-time data and aggregated results.


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