Webinar: Preparing to Sell Your Business: Compliance Issues That Will Affect Your Value

a man at a desk with laptop and notepad, 'Preparing to Sell Your Business: Compliance Issues That Will Affect Your Value'
  • Date Recorded: June 10, 2020
  • Presenters: Nick Merkin
  • Length: about 51 minutes
  • Price: free
  • Questions/Concerns: info@bhap.us | 888-958-2282

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The market for the purchase and sale of healthcare facilities is hot — particularly in the addiction treatment space. Large mergers, acquisitions, and sales dominate today’s headlines. With this environment comes opportunity. But how to capitalize on these current trends? How can a seller in this market highlight value to a potential buyer? By the same token, how can a buyer make sure to best understand the worth of a potential acquisition?

In this fast-paced webinar, we take a deep dive into risk and compliance issue during sale and acquisition and underscore best practices for pre- and post-closing. We also examine why compliance effectiveness is a leading driver of organizational value and understand why adding an analysis of compliance risks during your due diligence process is so crucial.

You will understand some of the unique features of the addiction treatment mergers and acquisition world, such as successor liability, overpayment recovery, and predicting future revenues, as well as other healthcare-specific focus areas. Attendees can expect to gain insight into the elements of a robust compliance program for a behavioral health organization and how to implement these elements in your facilities and programs.


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Nick Merkin

Nick Merkin, JD, MBA, CHC, CHPC

Nick Merkin is the Chief Executive Officer of Compliagent, a national healthcare compliance consulting firm based in Los Angeles and one of BHAP’s associate members.

As part of his consulting practice, he frequently serves as a fractional or interim Chief Compliance Officer for addiction treatment providers experiencing rapid growth, payment challenges, or in the process of merger or acquisition. Nick earned his J.D. from Columbia Law School, where he was named a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar and served as Managing Editor of the Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems. Nick was also awarded an M.B.A. from Tel Aviv University’s Recanati School of Business and a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania. A member of the California Bar, Nick is certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC) and Healthcare Privacy Compliance (CHPC) by the Compliance Certification Board (CCB).


Webinar: Preparing to Sell Your Business: Compliance Issues That Will Affect Your Value

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