Webinar: Easily Comply with the Joint Commission’s New Outcome Measures Standard

Easily Comply with the Joint Commission’s New Outcome Measures Standard
  • Date Recorded: September 26, 2017
  • Presenters: Joanna Conti
  • Length: about 56 minutes
  • Questions/Concerns: info@bhap.us | 888-958-2282

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The Joint Commission is requiring all accredited behavioral health organizations to start using patient-reported outcomes measures to inform clinical care by January 2018.

This webinar discusses how to choose the best measures to monitor for your clients, make your system easy for your clinical staff to use, and reduce the staff time required to generate real-time data and aggregated results.

We’ll also share real-world stories of how patient-reported data has helped counselors provide better treatment to their patients, discuss how you can use your results to improve your program’s profitability, and introduce an option for generating the gold standard in addiction treatment effectiveness research -– independent, post-treatment success rate data.

The webinar will discuss:

  • What the new Joint Commission standard requires
  • Options for building your own tools
  • Maximizing your benefit from patient monitoring
  • Using automation to dramatically reduce staff management time
  • Preparing to thrive in the coming pay-for-value world
  • Presenter

    Joanna Conti

    Joanna Conti

    As her daughter cycled in and out of multiple alcoholism treatment programs, Joanna Conti became very frustrated by the lack of success rate data available to help families identify the best facilities. A serial entrepreneur who had previously started software and consulting companies as well as an international nonprofit, Conti launched Vista Research Group in August 2016 to help treatment programs cost-effectively determine their success rates. Shortly thereafter, the company expanded into also providing real-time in-treatment patient monitoring requiring only a minimal amount of staff oversight.


    Webinar: Easily Comply with the Joint Commission’s New Outcome Measures Standard

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