Webinar: Is Your Organization Ready for the Next Steps in Drug Medi-Cal’s ODS Waiver?

'Trends in Behavioral Health Webinar Series' - a silhouette of a face broken into puzzle pieces - 'Is Your Organization Ready for the Next Steps in Drug Medi-Cal's ODS Waiver?'
  • Date Recorded: December 6, 2018
  • Presenters: Kathryn F. Edgerton and Kevin J. Malone
  • Length: about an hour
  • Price: free
  • Questions/Concerns: info@bhap.us | 888-958-2282

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There is a confluence of national and local public policy developments regarding mental health, substance use disorders, and treatment. The federal government, working in partnership with states, addresses behavioral health issues and establishes and enforces minimum standards. States, however, have significant power in making decisions—mental health regulations and available services can look very different from state to state, and even from county to county.

This was part of a partnership between Behavioral Health Association of Providers, Epstein Becker Green, and Nelson Hardiman: offering a winter / spring webinar series that addressed topics highlighting the accelerating legal and policy issues for the behavioral health industry.

With more than one-third of all Californians covered by Medi-Cal, the need to expand access to a fuller continuum of substance use disorder care has become mission-critical. How did the Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System (ODS) set out to accomplish that objective? How has it succeeded? Where has it struggled?

This webinar addresses the opportunities and challenges reflected in the rollout of Medi-Cal’s ODS.


Kathryn F. Edgerton

Kathryn F. Edgerton

Kathryn F. Edgerton is a transactional and regulatory attorney with Nelson Hardiman.

Kathryn has built a significant practice advising hospitals, physician organizations, addiction treatment and behavioral care providers, long-term health providers, telemedicine providers, home health providers, medical spas, and other health-related organizations on the complex transactional and regulatory issues impacting the healthcare industry. Drawing on her experience as counsel to approximately 70 addiction treatment providers, Kathryn brings a practical perspective to her work advising on day-to-day operational issues, as well as business and regulatory concerns.

Kevin J. Malone

Kevin J. Malone

Kevin J. Malone is in the Health Care & Life Sciences division of Epstein Becker Green.

Kevin provides advice on strategic and compliance issues involving Medicare, Medicaid, and other third-party reimbursement programs, and guides health plan clients through federal and state government performance oversight processes, among other duties.

Webinar: Is Your Organization Ready for the Next Steps in Drug Medi-Cal’s ODS Waiver?


Note: this webinar series was hosted by Epstein Becker Green. The webinar / slides are available on their site, linked above.


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