Webinar: Revenue Cycle Management Demystified

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  • Date Recorded: March 24, 2021
  • Presenters: Peter Walstrom
  • CE: this webinar is not eligible for CEUs
  • Length: about 58 and a half minutes
  • Price: free
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Challenge your assumptions about your own billing.

This webinar gives you the tools to better understand, evaluate, and manage your revenue cycle, especially the portion paid by medical insurance.

Attendees get an overall understanding of the third-party payor system, and how this dynamic creates many opportunities for moral hazard and conflict of interest, which lead to lower standards of care and rising costs.

One of the main culprits covered is the rampant waiving of member responsibility. Ordinarily, there is a cost-sharing mechanism which is intended to make the patient feel the financial sting of the utilization of healthcare services.

Insurance companies now run the show. They ultimately decide how and where patients will be treated, and for how long. Facilities must advocate day by day for patients to receive crucial services. It’s a complicated process and both sides, the facilities and the payors, have some valid gripes with each other.

The presenter covers some common business model questions in RCM, including which model is best, the golden formula, and more.

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Peter Walstrom

Peter Walstrom

Peter Walstrom is a seasoned healthcare executive in the behavioral healthcare sector. Mr. Walstrom’s background includes eight years as chief financial officer for a mid-size treatment group, followed by two years as executive vice president for an industry-leading healthcare software company.

He also founded an independent medical billing company, which he grew over four years until finally divesting it to a strategic partner. Since 2019, Mr. Walstorm has served as an independent healthcare consultant, specializing in revenue cycle management.


Webinar: Revenue Cycle Management Demystified

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