Webinar: UDT: Urine Drug Testing — Understanding the Compliance Minefield

UDT: Urine Drug Testing - Understanding the Compliance Minefield
  • Date Recorded: November 23, 2016
  • Presenters: Harry Nelson
  • Length: a little under 56 minutes
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Ensure that your addiction treatment program is alert to the compliance risks and using UDT appropriately. There are certain components of running an addiction treatment facility that might seem so straightforward, self-explanatory, and uncomplicated that you don’t give them a second thought. Urine drug testing (UDT) is likely one of those.

However, in the aftermath of fraudulent practices by a few, the climate for many has changed. What began as a way to test patient treatment compliance has now turned into a regulatory compliance nightmare for many facilities.

The unfortunate dynamic of the proverbial “few bad apples” spoiling things for everyone else has been at work in this industry … and it’s created an atmosphere of proactive suspicion, increased scrutiny, and heightened investigations —- an antagonistic atmosphere that the well-intended operators who have committed to scrupulous practices don’t deserve, but must deal with nonetheless.

Compliance is safety. Although you can’t avoid the reality of UDT in addiction treatment, you can avoid getting snagged in the net by learning how to stay safely compliant in every aspect of urine drug testing.

We will focus on issues that have arisen around UDT compliance in today’s climate, including:

  • Compliance risks
  • Compliance strategies
  • CLIA certification
  • Medical necessity
  • Insurance coverage
  • Insurance reimbursement
  • The role of physicians in UDT
  • Notable cases of fraud and how they’ve shaped regulation

Stop feeling vague anxiety about that wide net and how it might impede your business. Instead, choose the empowering safety of compliance. Ensure that you are fully apprised of UDT compliance risks and that your addiction treatment program is using UDT appropriately.


Harry Nelson

Harry Nelson

Harry Nelson is the founder and managing partner of Nelson Hardiman, LLC, as well as the chairman of Behavioral Health Association of Providers.

Beyond his legal expertise, Harry is known nationally as a consummate leader at the intersection of healthcare law and business, as evidenced by his role in co-founding five healthcare-related start-ups in the last decade. Deeply immersed in healthcare transformation and innovation; he frequently speaks on cutting edge issues and the future of the industry itself.



Webinar: UDT: Urine Drug Testing Understanding the Compliance Minefield
Urine drug testing is one of the hot topics in the addiction treatment industry. There are regulatory compliance issues for laboratories, marketers, and addiction treatment programs. How often can you test urine? Will every test be covered by insurance? In this webinar, find out the latest regulations (as of December 2016) so your facility is compliant in every aspect of urine drug testing.
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